This website is dedicated to anyone who feels they need some extra support in their career development. Whether you are a student who has just started the studies, or are already working for years, our 20 modules can help you in making the next step in your career. Topics discussed in the modules range from self-understanding and personal branding all the way to topics like CV building, work ethics, and managing pressures. Each module is a self-steering lesson which you can do in your own time without pressure. And it is completely FREE!

Why is it free? Originally the modules were developed by Queensland University, Australia. In the EU project ICARD, these modules have been adapted to the European market and the results are open for all on this website


Accessing the University

During the Study Years

Entering the World of Work

Self Understanding 1 Self Understanding 2 Self Understanding 3
Course Decision Making Resume and Motivation Letters Seeking Job Opportunities
Organization and Planning Interviews and recruitment testing Thriving in the Workplace
Thriving at the University Seeking Work Placement Opportunities Branding Myself
Managing your Finances Teamwork Entrepreneurship
Career Decision Making Problem Solving and Negotiation Techniques
Effective Workplace Communication Managing Pressure

Business Culture and Work Ethics

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How to use the modules

Above or in the top menu you start by choosing a module (or a language). Be aware that not all languages have all modules. The English ones will always be the main modules, focused on the European market and updated first. You are free to choose whatever you want to do at any time. However, we do advice you not too jump ahead too fast.


Ben starts applying for jobs and jumps straight to the 'Resume and Motivation Letters' module, because that is what he thinks he needs. But in reality, Ben does not even really know yet what kind of work he wants to do. In this situation, building a CV is not very useful yet as Ben does not know what is relevant. Ben would be better of doing the modules 'Self-Understanding 1, 2, and 3' followed by 'Career Decision Making' and finally 'Resume and Motivation letters'

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