Transition in

This Module assists you to develop a basic profile of your career skills and interests, career beliefs, personal styles, goals, and career influences. You will complete basic career inventories to determine your career related profile and relate that to selecting course options and career pathways which might be aligned with your profile.

This Module assists you to explore possible course options and learn how to narrow them down and make career/course decisions. You will be shown how and where to search for course/career information, and strategies you can apply to selecting courses at University and beyond.

This module will help you to examine yourstudies/work-life balance. You will work on your own definition of work-life balance; you will learn techniques and strategies for better managing your time and strategies to follow when the balance changes. 

This module will help you to understand and manage the impact of your decision to study for an easy transition to university study.

This module will help you to manage your finances with tips for planning your personal budget.