Transition Out

This module will assist you with the transition from university to working in your career choice, by helping you gain an understanding on your value system, career influences, interaction styles, personal attributes and life goals. You will complete reflective activities that aim to assist you to build on your career related profile and to achieve working in a career pathway that is aligned with your profile.

This module will assist you to identify sources of potential job positions relevant to your career goals.

This module will assist you to develop strategies to deal with the issues that may arise as you make the transition to a work placement site.

This module will assist you in learning strategies to confidently market yourself to future employers.

In this module the contents related to the entrepreneuring skill will be developed in order to train the student in a proactive profile, which means to take the initiative in the development of creative and decisive actions to generate improvements


This module develops your ability to negotiate and solve problems considering the negotiation as a whole instead of a specific technique

This module will assist you in dealing with the typical pressures experienced in the workplace.


This module will help you to know and recognize the main elements of the organizational culture that you need to be aware of when you are part of a working environment.